The Zuzu Club Recommends 15-12-2017

Eskorzo - Alterta Caníbal

The legendary band from Granada formed in 1995, with their first album, Mundo Bullanga, laid the foundations of the "Mestizo" movement, fusing styles as diverse as Latin music, rock, ska, funk and African rhythms. The 7 member Band  is Tony Moreno (Voice), José Uribe (Drums), Jose Gustavo Ppgu (Bass), Manuel Collados (Guitar), Zeke Olmo (Percussion), Pruden Valdivieso (Trombone) and Jimi García (Trumpet)and they offer unbelieveble live performances.
With more than 1,000 presentations throughout their career, 7 recordings to date and more than 20 years of musical career; ESKORZO becomes a benchmark in fusion music and is cataloged as the best representative of miscegenation rock in Spain.

released December 1, 2017