The Zuzu Club Presents Season. 4 Vol.1

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  1. ευχαριστουμε και παλι αργυρη.να'σαι παντα καλα να μας χαριζεις ομορφες μουσικες!!!!

  2. Thanks!

    But "Dende - The Big Bamboo"... that song ain't working! I love my every version of "The Big Bamboo" - but a woman covering that song? First I thought this was going to be a lesbian version - but then she kept singing:

    "Ibasked my woman what should I do
    To make her happy and to keep her true
    All she said that I want from you
    Is a likkle likkle piece of the big bamboo
    De big bamboo it grows good and strong
    The big bamboo grows good and long
    The big bamboo stand up straight and tall
    And the big bamboo pleases one and all
    I gave my girl a sugar cane
    Sweets for my sweet I did explain
    She gave it back with my surprise
    She like the flavor but not the size
    I gave my girl a coconut
    She said she like it, its o.k. but
    The only thing that worries me
    What good is the nut without the tree?"

    Thanks! Always enjoying your selections...