The Zuzu Club recommends 15-1-2018

Los Aggrotones - Brixton 2017

Formed 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nothing much to say .Three masterpieces. One of the best Ep's for 2017.

Palov meets A.Angelides - He hecho mucho por ti Remixes
Spang recordings
A new born independent label based in Athens, Greece.

Some New remixes from Palov's latest Album

Chip Wickham - The Beatnik / Rebel No.23 45's

Veering off-road from his much lauded sound typified on his debut breakout album La Sombra, Chip Wickham lets his hair hang and blow in the wind with his sure-fire, funk fuelled, floor-filler ‘The Beatnik’. Wah-wah guitar licks, an uptempo breakbeat and his signature transverse flute give the tune an impetuous feel – the perfect soundtrack for a high-speed car chase or a sweaty soul-jazz-funk basement club.

On the flip, ‘Rebel No.23’ is a return to the '70s inspired jazz grooves of his debut album and indeed a taste of what’s to come on his much anticipated follow up record, slated for release in spring 2018.

‘The Beatnik / Rebel No.23’ is a limited release on 7-inch vinyl only (not even on digital!).

Nickodemus & Baby Power - Broken Keys

It's been a rough year for natural disasters. Mother Nature is definitely trying to tell us something and unfortunately so is the U.S. government. The complete failure to respond to the needs of Puerto Rico in this time of crisis has been an insulting blow to many, however, the grass roots organizing & fundraising done by people all across America & all over the World gave us an immense sense of hope & inspiration for the future.
After several fundraiser events & a compilation going towards Waves For Water, Resilient Power PR & Why Not Care, both Nickodemus & Baby Power, who met during the early days of Giant Step parties, decided it was time to reflect what was going on in these turbulent times in the studio & help spread the word. "Borikén Keys" takes us back the old school straight ahead boom bap beats & lyrics with a message. Proceeds for the sales of this song will go towards the Why Not Care organization.
"There just wasn't enough real media coverage about the crisis going on in Puerto Rico. Every time I would reach out or put a post on social media to collect donations people would message me saying they didn't realize how bad this thing really was because the lack of coverage. This song was created to bring awareness to the catastrophic situation in Puerto Rico and to hopefully get more people involved with helping out." - Baby Power

Myles Sanko - forget me not 45's
Legere recordings


Love is timeless and has no boundaries. “Forget Me Not” has classic love song written all over it, but with this release Myles Sanko goes beyond that to explore the world of hope and loss that comes with Alzheimer’s disease. When time is the enemy and one is left waiting patiently holding on to glimmers of precious memories that will soon be lost forever. This song is an anthem for real love, the everyday love.

“Forget Me Not” is the new single by Myles Sanko from the acclaimed album “Just Being Me”. The digital version features remixes of “Forget Me Not” by Rob Hardt (Seductive Souls) and of “Promises” by Smoove. Both remixes will also be available as a limited 7inch vinyl

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