The Best rare Soul Jazz Funk songs for 2020 by The Zuzu Club

Take a look at our favourite Soul Jazz Funk Songs with a slice of Reggae in 6 parts with complete tracklist. 
We would like also to thank all the Music companies who are providing us these last years with their promos such as 
Agogo Records, BombStrikes, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, Beats House Records, Color Red, Colemine Records, Freestyle Records, Timewarp Records, Timmion Records, Original Gravity, Bongo Joe Records, 8D Records, Cold Busted, 
Willwork4funk, this fantastic music promotion company 
Mocambo Records, Mango Hill Records, Légère Recordings, Lovemonk, Soul Messin' Records, Vampisoul, Lack of Afro, Ballantyne Communications, The Reflex, Sinnbus, Jalapeno Records, Souq Records, Sam Redmore, FATdrop, Thylacine Sounds. 
Hope I remembered everyone. Wish u all The best for the next year, 
stay healthy and Be safe.
 May all our fans have a Happy new year!!

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