The Zuzu Club Recommends 10-11-2017

Black Mantra -  dynamic show

Black Mantra releases their first self-titled album and features dynamic show.
Produced by the band itself and mixed in the legendary North American studio NRG, the homonymous disc features 11 unpublished tracks, which mix since the 70's funk until afrobeat influences, jazz, rock and experimental psychedelia.

After two years of repertoire of classic versions of the funk, the Black Mantra now finds its own sonority, which adds to the funk and minimalist groove influences of afrobeat, jazz, rock and experimental psychedelia that are clear during the show that presents the new album.
With a collective composition and production signed by the band itself and by Guilherme Chiappetta, the album was recorded in December 2016 in São Paulo, and mixed by Daniel Pampuri and Leonardo Marques (group drummer) in the legendary NRG (Los Angeles, USA) , where artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind and Fire and Esperanza Spalding passed by. Finally, back to São Paulo, the mastering was in charge of Fernando Sanchez, in the studio El Rocha.

Black Mantra appeared in 2014 at the Ekord studio in São Paulo, when Caio Leite and Leonardo Marques dedicated themselves to the soundtrack of a short film, Muito, Além do Nada (2014). The duo searched for songs from the Blaxploitation era, a North American motion picture movement that emerged in the early 1970s - the word is a fusion of black and explotaition. "After the track was finished, we decided to put together a band to play what we had researched," says the bassist. The following year, the group went on stage with repertoire of versions for funk classics, especially James Brown - which culminated in the recording of their first album, titled Old Mantras. In 2016, the band released their first two songs in an LP format, with two previously unreleased tracks: Ronco do Cacuí and Tranca Rua, as a way to instigate the public for the work that was to come. Now, with the release of the album Black Mantra, the band is dedicated to playing repertoire of copyright songs.

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