The Zuzu Club Recommends 2-11-2017

Timmion Records

Timmion Records, located in Helsinki, Finland, is an independent music enterprise, which is fueled with an uniquely understated passion for raw soul and funk music.
In over fifteen years its operation has grown to include one main record label and various sublabels, a recording studio and a facility for cutting vinyl masters.

Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & MinkThis next chapter of Timmion's talent scouting in the US will land home with the Purple Heart of Soul, and turn even the coldest of us to the love side. No prisoners taken. It's time for Jonny Benavidez to lay his falsetto over the ever smooth backing of Cold Diamond & Mink. With the sweet as candy mid-pacer "Tell Me That You Love Me" he should go the whole mile.

Those, who have an insatiable thirst for crossover soul sounds by groups such as The Commands and TSU Toronadoes, should snatch up this piece of wax without haste. Texas made and California raised, Jonny has polished his teeth for years in doo wop groups and sung backing harmonies for big names such as Archie Bell and Eugene Pitt from The Jive Five. Currently residing in Austin, Texas he's forming and coating even more sweet treats for Timmion.

Resleas Date 10-11-2017

Colemine Records

Debut 45 from Leroi Conroy on Colemine Records. Featuring members of The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, Jungle Fire, and The Jive Turkeys. Both sides have some nice breaks

Leroi Conroy's first 45 has been out of print for a while, so in celebration of his recent 45 "Tiger Trot", Colemine figured thry should get his first one back in print, and they also did 100 copies on yellow wax, so snap 'em up while they last. Dirty drums, breakbeats, and cinematic funk are the order of the day for this little cooker!

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