The Zuzu Club Recommends 6-11-2017

Emma Galanaki - Pure

Fantastic Voice 
New hope!!

This song is a moment's inspiration. Specifically, it was done when Emma heard a orchestral track, written by Yanni Markopoulioti. Based on that she wrote the Lyrics and the Melody.
The Song was recorded at Artracks recording studios.
The Video clip was filmed in Thissio, Athens and the main subject of the video is " The unknow " we face in life. 
Emma told me that She's been singing ever since she remembers herself! At the age of 14 she started to write her firdt lyrics.Then music lessons at 15 and a little bit later piano, jazz theoretical and stage performance. 
At the age of 19, Emma  got her degree in modern music and theoretical song. 
At this time she is continuing her studies in music, in the Netherlands and at the same time she is recording her new album in Greece.

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