The Zuzu Club Recommends 17-11-2017

Crowd Company -  a.side Fever  &  b.side Getting The Groove
Vintage Music League

Willwork4funk and Vintage League Music are proud to present "Fever" / "Getting The Groove", the second double-sider 45 by London funk band Crowd Company, taken from their new album produced by Alan Evans (Soulive)

Vintage soul funk with a modern take from acclaimed London band Crowd Company. Produced by Alan Evans (Soulive), who also guests on Side A, this limited run colored Vinyl single has 2 epic songs taken from their new album"Stone & Sky".
Side A's “Fever” is a groovy, sophisticated soul track with an infectious dancefloor chorus. “Getting the Groove” is a monster funk groove with a massive bassline, featuring 3 voices carrying infectious vocal hooks.
Both tracks feature virtuoso musicianship in every department and three outstanding vocalists often blending soulful harmonies over a bedrock of tight grooves, Hammond organ and horn section. It has a rich, distinct vibe, aided by an outstanding analog production feel.

Agogo Records

After releasing his 'Moyo Wangu' album in late 2016 where David Hanke connected to the time he spent in his early childhood in Arusha/Tanzania, it's now time for 'Moyo Zaidi', the remixed version of the original album. While 'Moyo Wangu' was translated as 'My Heart', 'Moyo Zaidi' can be translated as 'Heart Returned'.
The original songs have been reworked by twelve producers and DJs from all across the scene and continents. From America over Europe to Australia and from Funk over Cumbia and Dub to Deep House and Downbeat this remix album is a bounty stack of styles and directions.
Funk versions from Moscow, Lisboa and London, some Cumbia from Brisbane, a Dub treatment from Los Angeles, Afrodisco comes from Bogotá, soulful Downbeat from the Black Forest and London, a slow mover from Hamburg and twisted Deep House from Amsterdam, Belgrad and London.

release date: 15. December 2017

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